TAN Registration


What is TAN?

TAN or Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number is a 10-digit alpha numeric number required to be obtained by all persons who are responsible for deducting or collecting tax. Under Section 203A of the Income Tax Act, 1961, it is mandatory to quote Tax Deduction Account Number (TAN) allotted by the Income Tax Department (ITD) on all TDS returns.

What is TDS/TCS?

Tax deduction at source or tax collection at source is a form of withholding a tax. This can be done by person holding a ten digit alpha numeric number called TAN.

How to Apply

TAN can be obtained by making an online application through this website or submit physical TAN Application to any TIN-Facilitation Center (TIN-FC) of NSDL in Form 49B along with the required supporting documents. Based on the application, the TAN will be allotted to the entity and the entity must quote the TAN in all TDS/TCS returns, TDS/TCS payment challans and all TDS/TCS Certificates.

Reasons to Register Under TAN

    For deducting or collecting tax TAN is required to be obtained by all persons otherwise it may results in following consequences:

  • Disallowance of expenditure under income tax Act 1961.
  • Interest & penalty required to pay under section 200 & 201 of income tax Act 1961.
  • Treated as assesse in default under income tax Act 1961.

Obligations of a TAN Company

  • Complying with Statutory laws such as Excise Duty, Sales Tax, Service Tax, etc.
  • Maintaining a register containing minutes of every general meeting and every meeting of Board of Directors
  • Every private company having turnover of Rs 200 crores or more during the preceding financial year shall be required to appoint an internal auditor or a firm of internal auditors
  • Private limited companies are required to keep cost records if their turnover is Rs 25 crores or more & also do cost audit if their turnover is Rs 100 crores or more

Why Choose TAN Company Registration

  • It is flexible and has limited liability.
  • A greater capital contribution and greater stability.
  • The possibility to grow big and expand

Required Documents

  • Name & Address details of applicant who required TAN
  • Form49B filled with singature of tha applicatn
  • Copy of PAN card

How Vakil Salah help with TAN registration

Document Collection

We will collect the details & document required for TAN application from you.

Application preparation

After collecting details, we will prepare your application based on the information provided & submit the application form to NSDL/TAN Facilitations Centre on your behalf.

TAN Allotment

Once the application and the attached supporting documents are verified, the Tax Department will allot a TAN Number for your business.


1.Can the application be made on plain paper?

No,TAN application can be made only on 49B.

2.What document are required to submit along with TAN application?

No document required to submit along with TAN application.

3.Is a separate TAN required to be obtained for the purpose of Tax Collection at Source (TCS)?

No. TAN which was allotted for Tax Deduction at Source (TDS) can be used for the purpose of TCS.

4.How can I enquire about the status of my application?

You can inquire the status of your application by accessing NSDL e-Gov -TIN website at the "Status track" option and quoting your unique 14-digit acknowledgement number after three days of your application date. .