ATrademarks are used to identify logos, designs, jingles, slogans, or even a single word or a series of words that identify and represent your company, product, or service. Think McDonald's golden arches or GEICO's chatty and personable gecko.

Trademark registrations are valid for a period of 10 year from date of application. A registered trademark’s validity can be extended at the end of ten years by filing a trademark renewal application.

Benefit of Trademark

    Legal Protection

    Only owners of registered trademarks are allowed to take action or sue for damages in case of trademark infringement. Trademark protection is not enforceable for trademarks that are not registered. All registered trademarks are valid for a period of 10 years and can be renewed for a period of another 10 years easily by filing a trademark renewal application.

    Unique Identity

    Trademark filing will help establish a unique identity and brand for your goods or services. Competitors will not be allowed to use your trademark for similar goods or services.

    Trust or Goodwill

    Registered trademarks can be used to create a sense of trust, goodwill and quality in the minds of your customer that is unique to your business. Registered trademarks show your customer that you care about your brand.

    Creation of Asset

    Trademark filing creates an intellectual property, which is an intangible asset for an organization. Registered trademark is a right that can be sold, franchised or commercially contracted.

    Global Trademark Filing

    A trademark filing in India can be used as the basis for trademark filing in other countries if required. Foreigners and Foreign entities can also register a trademark in India if required.

Why should regsister your trademark through Vakil Salah?

  • Reasonable Pricing
  • Qick Response
  • Expert Advice

Required Documents

  • Identity Proof of authorized signatory
  • PAN card /AAdhar in case of individual/proprietor
  • Other Incorporation Certificate /DEED/other registration Certificate
  • Logo(black & white) with Tagline except in case of application of word
  • Form-48 to authorize Vakil Salah
  • User Affidavit for claiming previous use of Trademark


How Vakil Salah help you to get Trademark registration?

Document Collection

We will collect the details & document required for Trademark registration from you.

Form Completion

After collecting details, we will file your application with Trademark portal.


Once the form is submitted a anknowledgement is sent to your id of the aplication filed.


1.What is trademark search and How to do it?

A trademark is registered by the registrar of trademarks only if it is unique and is not same or similar to any existing brand. The database of all registered and applied trademarks is available for public search. The applicant must search for an identical mark in the appropriate class of the TM.

2.What is Class of a Trademark, How to do trademark classification?

For Trademark Registration, the goods and services are classified into 45 different classes. The most recent change in TM Classification is done by World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) on 1st Feb 2018. Classes 1 to 34 pertains to goods and classes 35 to 45 are for services. The protection of the trademark is legally enforceable only within the specification of a specific class of trademark for which it is registered. Some time one trademark and the goods or services associated with it falls under multiple classes, in that case, the application should be filed in all such classes.

3.What are the pieces of information required to apply for Trademark Registration?

To apply for trademark registration, we need details of the owner of the trademark, communication address, type of mark, details of goods/services for which TM is in use or proposed to be used.

4.What is the government fee for filing a trademark application?

The government fee for filing a trademark in India varies based on the type of the applicant.

5.What is the meaning of TM or (R) sign?

The sign "TM", the TM Symbol is normally affixed to the right top corner of the mark, to represent its status as a trademark for registration of which an application has is filed. The sign " (R) is used after registration certificate of the trademark is issued. You must have noticed (R) and TM Marks on LOGO or nameplate of many companies.

"TM" - It is used when an application for Brand Registration , Trademark Registration, Logo Registration, Punchline Registration is filed

"(R)" - This symbol is used when the Trademark Office issues the certificate of trademark registration.

6.What are the different stages through which a trademark registration application has to go through?

Trademark registration is a long-term process, which differs on the merits of each case. In some case merely applying to the trademark registry is sufficient, while in some cases it is contested by the department or third parties.

7.What is Brand Registration, is it different from Brand Name Registration or Trademark Registration?

A trademark is something which connects the goods or services to the business which provides them. The process of registration of Brand Registration / Brand Name Registration is similar to that of a trademark registration or logo registration.